Here at LQID Skin we have a passion for lanyards. We pride ourselves on knowing the history and the important roles they have had within human society. But we are not satisfied with that we want to try and change and have an impact on the lanyard industry.

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Many don’t realise the origins of lanyards but they actually originated in the 15th century in France. The French army used lanyards to carry things like a pistol, a sword or whistle. They used the lanyard because they are easily removed and are convenient for use. Really it is reason that lanyards have become so popular because they really help for ease of use in so many different circumstances.

As times advanced more and more people have helped the lanyards to become more commercialised. The commercialising of lanyards have led to a large market that has seen billions of dollars and pounds spent from businesses all around the world as they see new techniques and situations that lanyards can help there business.

One of the largest markets that are effected by the lanyard industry is the security industry. They have been used to carry a number of different things for example staff ID cards that can be created on a ID card printer. The lanyard would then be placed around the neck and then a special bespoke clip would attach the lanyard and card together.

LanyaRDS can come in many different styles and materials and this can have a number of different effects and benefits. For example a lot of the security sector like to have lanyards that are strong and sturdy. Within the security sector there is also lots of variations that maybe needed in terms of colouring, and this is really where the lanyard excels as it can come in any pantone or colour that you really desire. The main colours for the security sectors are red, black and also a fluorescent material that shows as a bright green or yellow. This fluorescent option is particular favourable in times like where your security personnel could be working through night shifts etc.